What You Ought to Know When Choosing the Ideal Type of Artificial Grass

As soon as you decide to install artificial grass on your property, know that money is not the only thing you must consider. There are other crucial things to factor in, with each one carrying value and weight regarding choosing the perfect artificial turf for your specific needs and situation. Although all synthetic grass varieties carry the same appearance and looks of natural grass, there are notable differences that you must be aware. But in this post, our focus is figuring out which things to consider in buying fake turf.

1 – Traffic and Use

In the purchase of artificial grass – http://www.termiturf.com.au, the first question you usually would ask is how often you will use it. Traffic refers to the number of people and pets treading their way to the surface daily. You cannot take the risk of investing on a low-quality turf that won’t stand up to high traffic. If you choose to go cheap, you end up buying and replacing the artificial grass sooner than expected.

2 – Quality

If you want to get a premium quality artificial grass, choose one made from polypropylene, polyethylene yarns, polyamide, or even a mixture of those materials. The truth is it is not hard to figure out if the quality of the product as you only need to see if it is colour consistent, has well-stitched tufts, and evenly backed. But you do have to acknowledge that high-quality artificial grass -http://www.termiturf.com.au will most likely cost more, too. If you are planning to purchase fake grass online, be sure you ask for samples. Artificial turf is a product that you need to see and touch before you decide to buy it.

3 – Pile Height or Blade Length

Blade length refers to the measurement that starts from above the backing to the end of the tip. For most first-time buyers, it is tempting to choose a long blade. Nevertheless, it may not be the best option for you since it quickly bends over and will make your yard look flat. Therefore, choose asynthetic turf with a blade length of 30 to 37mm.

4 – Density

When you are about to shop for artificial grass, it is imperative that you first learn about what density means. In other words, it refers to the number of yarns per square foot of turf. If we are to translate it into layman’s terms, it means artificial grass with higher turf density is more durable and resilient.

5 – Colour

Finally, do not quickly fall for a fake grass with looks green enough that you find it difficult to distinguish it from real grass. There is a chance that once you install it, it will stick out like a sore thumb. The thing is most synthetic grass products with super green colour are the ones with low quality.